Veronique L, Washington D.C.

My sister, her colleague, and I came almost as soon as this place opened yesterday.

There were a few people already enjoying their food, and during our hour there, more customers came.

I really liked the sushi selection and found the roles delicious and in good variety. The watermelon was so fresh (my dining companions said the pineapple was fresh), and the desserts (cheesecake, panna cotta, and creme brulee) were fantastic - some of the best endings at a buffet I have ever had, if not the best!

Service was good and attentive. They have at least two TV's, and people were constantly making rolls to replenish the buffet. I didn't try the hot food, but my sister and her colleague said it was good.

Tony G., Boca Raton, FL

Best sushi buffet I have been to. Soups are all good. Small plates of sunomono are all delectable. Cold salmon was so good I could have eaten just that alone. Sushi rolls are delicious works of art. Some very unique little deserts. I like the panna cotta.
This is very good value for price. The price is similar to another sushi buffet in Boca that we enjoyed for years until their quality fell off. Ichiyama is much higher quality than that place was at it's best. I didn't even talk about the hot foods or hibachi! I didn't even get to those this trip.

M.W., Wilmington, DE

Wow! By far the best sushi place in South Florida. I can't believe this place is a buffet. The quality, variety and value are unmatched anywhere in the area. My favorites were their seared tuna, yakitori chicken, lobster rolls, and American Dream rolls. I will no longer go to any other sushi place in the area knowing that I can get all-you-can-eat quality sushi for under $20.00.

Julieta G., Mexico City, Mexico

My family and I looove japanese food. Over the years we have kinda became "Sushi-Buffet-Hunters", no matter where we travel we look for this kind of restaurants. Ichiyami is BY FAR THE BEST Sushi Buffet we've EVER been to! The quality of the food is perfect. They have over 8 different kinds of sashimi, endless sushi rolls and the chinese food is also fabulous. I would totally recommend it to anyone! At other sushi buffets, they tend to fill the rolls or nigirs with much more rice than actually fish, but in Ichiyami the portions are great! Lots of excellent fish and other flavors...
5 stars all the way!!!